Introducing the Silver Sterling Collection
Introducing the Silver Sterling Collection

Introducing our debut bracelet collection crafted from sterling silver. This core collection features three distinct designs: a sleek square bangle, a textured round bangle, and a t-bar chain bracelet. Crafted from sterling silver, each piece is characterized by its radiant luster and durability. Sterling silver gracefully treads the line between the contemporary and the classic. This collection is thoughtfully designed for both men and women. 

The Opal Bangle Sterling Silver

A round cuff bangle with textured design. Adjustable to suit wrists of wrists of every size.

The Pure Bangle Sterling Silver

A minimalistic, square cuff bangle with a sleek design. Adjustable to suit wrists of wrists of every size.

The Azur Chain Sterling Silver

A classic and clean T-bar chain bracelet. Available in the sizes small, medium and large.